aaron coté

aaron coté

some simpler things

just throwin ideas out there

more kahn

and some kahn

dadabotting some gehry

8 doodads
Communing - Somewhere )

concerning the fate of qualcomm stadium

looking to the future

and sometimes ai does this

sometimes ai does this



3 album covers
without music

︎ update 200416 ︎

the one on the left is paired with music now!
Falling Colors is myself (Aaron Cote) and my friend James Lake!
check out James’ epic discography at https://fynndlit.com/

︎ update 210907 ︎

the one in the middle is paired with music now!
DJ Arodynamic is me (Aaron Cote) and a computer!

somewhere in baja

loft block
may not get built
location classified
r-1 zoning so technically not allowed
but there is a vision of 30 artist garages in a desert landscape

4 minute 800 sf house

i think the roof should actually be a V profile
that slopes down
and falls the water into a pool


the presence of palms

reconstructing antarctica

some building blurs



volume and surface area comparison

any similarities
between this name
and any other names
and even associated graphic styles
are purely coincidental
and are received with gratitude
as such coincidences would be unbelievable
and unbelievable things
are best paired with gratitude


experimental structures
designed for interplanetary exploration
and tested as public pavilions on earth?

developing themes

a stack of voxels

but maybe not as much as what bjork talks about

an attempt at a framing model

a step towards
in architecture


190719 - 11:06

i don’t think there’s any rules for this sketchbook
if there are i hope they’re ok
oh wait
yeah the one rule i can think of so far
is that each image deserves to be viewed without another image in the screen

190719 - 11:40

jklol rule broken